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Schultz Strings offers connections to the top pre college music studios in Eastern Iowa. The teachers at our store make up a who's who list of the top educators and performers from our region. Students taking lessons at our Cedar Rapids location have won numerous college scholarships, awards and performed with student and professional symphonies and chamber ensembles through out the Midwest and beyond. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will put you in contact with one of our professional Instructors!
COVID-19 Update: Many of our teachers are back to teaching in-person lessons, however we are still offering virtual lessons to those who would prefer to take lessons that way.  Please call, email, or use the form below to inquire!


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Schultz Strings attempts to keep its fees as low as possible. Your cooperation with the following policies will ensure efficient business
procedures at minimum cost.

  • Tuition is based on the number of lessons selected as well as the type and method of payment. If tuition is not paid in full up front, tuition is due on the following schedule:
    • 5 Lesson Package: Total Due Up Front, NO DISCOUNTS
    • 10 Lesson Package: Total Due Up Front
      • Prepay discounts: Credit Card or Bank ACH 3%, Cash or Check 5%
    • Term Lesson Packages (# of lessons will vary)
      • Prepay Discounts (Total Due Up Front):
        • Less than 10 Lessons: No PrePay Discounts
        • 10-14 Lessons: Credit Card or Bank ACH 3%, Cash or Check 5%
        • 15-29 Lessons: Credit Card or Bank ACH 4%, Cash or Check 6%
        • 30 + Lessons: Credit Card or Bank ACH 5%, Cash or Check 7%
      • Payment Plan (Monthly Payments):
        • Down Payment Due Up Front (one monthly payment rounded up)
        • Payments due on the 1st of each month following the down payment
        • Monthly payment amount and number of months in plan will vary
    • For the current rate schedule, please contact Schultz Strings.

Note: Prepay is defined as payment of the full package at the time lessons begin.

  • There may not be statements sent by Schultz Strings. Please note when payment is due and mail accordingly or pay in person at the lesson. Ask about automatic payments with CC or Bank Account.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your lessons, we encourage you to discuss them with your teacher.
  • Procedure for discontinuing lessons:
    • Conference with your teacher to see if a solution can be found.
    • Contact Schultz Strings if there are concerns with a specific teacher.
    • Finally, let Schultz Strings know of your plans to discontinue
      • Payment will be required for next full payment due after lessons have discontinued
      • There will be no refunds of lessons paid in full
  • Tuition entitles a student to scheduled lessons. The full fee is paid whether or not the student attends all lessons and no credits or refunds will be given for student absences. Notification of inability to attend a lesson is appreciated but does not excuse payment for contracted lessons.
  • Inclement Weather: Individual lessons may be held depending on the ability of the teacher and the student to reach the Studio. Call Schultz Strings to be sure your teacher is available or to cancel your lesson if you cannot arrive safely. If you have properly notified your teacher, every attempt will be made to make up individual lessons missed due to weather.
  • If the teacher is absent, the lesson will be made up.


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